20-something things about me...

Here are some random things from a "25 Things About Me" that I posted up on FB a while back. I figure it's better than writing a whole new 'about me' thing that the widget keeps asking me to do!:) Things You Don't Know:

1. I carry on an almost incessant dialogue with myself in my head and this gets me through most scenarios - traffic jams, waiting in lines, anything basically.

2. Most of these dialogues are at their best in the shower and I amuse myself greatly with them - some people sing in the shower, I crack myself up. :)

4. I suck at keeping in touch with people, and am forever grateful that my friends understand this and keep me around anyway, even though we may not communicate in months/years...when we do it's as if it was yesterday.

5. I get bored very easily and paradoxically get stuck in a rut very easily. That's me in one word. Paradoxical.

6. I have an expressionless face. This leads people to believe that I also don't feel things too deeply. That's not true.

7. Boy, 25 is alot...

9. There are slugs in my garden and slug bait isn't killing them.

10. When you squish a slug, black stuff comes out...

11. I still feel like 21 mentally. Except for my memory. I don't remember yesterday.

12. Have I gotten to 25 yet?

13. I think peanut butter and chocolate are the ultimate foods, and if Reece didn't invent pieces, I would have. I did, however, come up with shampoo and conditioner mixed in one bottle LONG before Pert did. Teefs.

14. I think the strangest thing I've eaten in recent times is the Elvis Burger @ the Vortex in Atlanta - it was a huge burger topped with peanut butter, bananas and bacon. It was PHENOMENAL. If he really ate like that it's no wonder he died young.

15. I make a joke out of most things and actually think my brain is wired wrong - when things get really bad for me, something trips and I find it funny. Sarcasm/dry humour is my safety blanket and knee jerk response.

19. Jesus Christ, I think I'll just change the name of this thing to 19 random things and call that George...

20. I think in similes and metaphors. I can make a cool analogy out of almost anything. The problem is recalling them right after, hence the need for No. 21.

21. That's why I think I should have a waterproof notebook or voice recorder in the shower. I'm really good I tell you.

22. Driving is my thing. And I love to drive in a light rain at night with music playing.

23. I love gadgets. Anything from a penknife to a wrench to a multi-whatever. The weirder and cooler it is, the better. My favourite stores are Brookstone, Sharper Image and Hammacher Schlemmer.

24. I get that from my mother - she loved gadgets too. And she always had a camera or camcorder in her hand...

25. Yay!