Crabby by Association

So because I'm very bad at sticking to things and days have passed without my writing ANYTHING since I started this blog, I decided to look around at blogs other people had to see what it was they used as tools to keep at it. I found one where one of the suggestions was word association. That got me thinking - maybe I can do a picture association thingy as something to blog about (no - I'm not particularly interesting) so here goes...

1. Crabs (obviously)

2. Bag (I'm beginning to think I have no imagination whatsoever)

3. Bullies (there's one crab determined to get out of that bag, even if it means clawing his way over his friends)

(Clawing - ha! at least I amuse myself!:)

4. Callaloo (a Trinbagonian 'soup' made out of dasheen leaves (taro) and crabs - muy delicious!

5. STD's (actually, that was the first thing that came to mind, but I didn't want to look like a perv)

6. Mayaro (the place in Trinidad where I've seen the most crabs ever, but in fact, not where this pic was taken)

7. I'm done. It's official. I suck.