I stopped reading newspapers regularly a while ago. It seemed like a pointless and mostly depressing thing to do, given that all news centered on death, rape, robbery and kidnappings, with the occasional road accident thrown in (only if grievous bodily harm or dismemberment was occasioned and death likely). Not the most cheery way to start your day.

But I have to tell you, I'd rather crack a paper open onto news like the above any day, than be subjected to front page news like which government minister (ex or no) knows about the location of an MIA grand piano. Not to mention the riveting saga of another minister who may or may not have been driving a government vehicle drunk but who definitely owns a jag and doesn't need the prestige of a prado.

Oh.My.God. Just deposit me in front of that Prado and end my misery.

From SAR's (Suspicious Activity Reports - not the flu) to outstanding public transport expenses, the list goes on, designed, I am now sure, to elicit from me the same incredulously resigned 'wha?'

I think I understand what it is they're trying to do. After all, someone blowing their brains out while sitting in front of an online newspaper and a scribbled note containing only one word ('Nah.' 'Nah!' 'Nah...' 'Nahnahnah.') in varying degrees of disbelief must make for at least 4th page fodder...