Blogging Delinquent! or I Told You So...

So much has been happening over the past 3 months that I don't know where to begin. I think I'll keep it simple and pretend that it hasn't been as long as it has that I've been such a blogging delinquent (that actually sounds like it could be an insertion for a *bleep* instead of a real word - just an observation).

I'm sorry - here are some flowers...

Really Sorry!

A very good friend of mine lost his wife in a car accident less than a month ago, and it rammed home the fact that in less than a minute, life as you know it could never be the same. The night that it happened, I came home and started a post, but nothing I typed could convey the weight of what I felt. The weirdness of being with a group of friends and experiencing a total paradigm shift in the space of a phone call - the shock, the disbelief. It's funny how heavy hollowness can be. I've had my share of deaths, and have done the dance many times over the years, and it always amazes me how resilient people are. And how people rally together in times of grief and sadness. And how much more bearable times in our lives like that are because of family and friends.

(Segue something appropriate here) So there's a really great programme for young boys (how schizo was THAT topic change?!?) being put on by photographer Michele Jorsling in conjunction with the YMCA to teach them the basics of photography, and I'm really happy I crashed it the first day:) Last week I showed them a few of my street images and am more grateful than you can imagine that none of them fell asleep:) It's a very cool thing to be able to connect with young people in a way that gets information across to them without being preachy or condescending - it also helps that I'm 30-something going on 17... :p

Annnnddd finally, for this post anyway, tomorrow is the culmination of my 5 month UWI photography course with Mr. Desmond Clarke. There was an exam last week, which I passed, thank GOD! and an exhibition of 5 pieces of work from each student taken during the course tomorrow, for marks - lord. I collected my pieces today and will be choosing my 5th piece tomorrow (yes, I need help...). It's open to the public and is free if anyone is interested - at Belmont Senior Sec. on Belmont Circular Rd next to the Police Station, in the main hall from 1-5, tom (Sat 30th) only.

Ok, having not written for a while, my fingers hurt, so if you've made it this far without being bored to tears, thanks for hanging in there:)