WTF - Way Too Foolish.

Every so often I'm struck by an Idea of Such Brilliance that I'm dumbfounded. I'm literally rendered immobile for a moment (I suspect so my body can high five my brain) then I blur into action. Sometimes I move with such purpose, it doesn't occur to me until mid-undertaking that what I'm doing is actually utter crap. Like putting the hose on in the house to 'pressure wash' the tiles.

No Joke

Seriously. With the thingie on the end and everything. So when I went to turn it on, it spat and waved around the room, spraying everything within 10 feet, including me, when I fought me way to it to wrestle it under control (because who would think to go back to the faucet to turn it off, right?)

What was supposed to be a master stroke of time saving genius in the house cleaning department turned into an afternoon of muttered cussing and, at one point, near paralysis when I slipped on a wet tile - only my brief encounter with rollerblades saving me from making what I'm sure would've been the Trini version of the "I've fallen and I can't get up' call.

The hose is still in my house (I could say that I haven't given up complete hope that my plan may still yet work given the appropriate rehashing, but to be honest, I was just too lazy to roll it back up to take it outside) and I'm still optimistic that one of my 'brilliant ideas' will make it into this blog as a resounding success, but clearly today is not the day...