Blogging Black Hole.

I know. I haven't been posting AT ALL recently. I have no concrete reason apart from feeling extremely blah, with nothing particularly special to offer you - and let's face it, you deserve riveting reading and hilarious humour, neither of which I feel capable of churning out at the mo. I think my naturally boring nature has finally caught up with my online incarnation. Lord.

I switched over from Nikon to Canon - *goodbye Betsy, hello Missy* - only because my D700 was getting on in age and the D800 file sizes made absolutely no sense to me for the amount of shooting I do, top that off with the fact that most of the photogs I associate with shoot Canon and the choice was clear-ish - I still miss Betsy though, and grieve over her. Couple that with my also saying goodbye to my little Leica V-Lux1, all to minimise the trauma of getting Missy, my new 5DMk3 on my credit card, and you have a recipe for no blog posts.

Having said that, I did go to New York for the first time ever to trade in my gear, and made the expected pilgrimage to BH Photo, to worship as most photographers who have passed before me have. My first experience with them was in their used dept. and I was underwhelmed at best. If I had not just travelled over 7 hours to get there, I would have turned around and left without hesitation. I suppose when you get to be that big you don't need to be polite or even acknowledge when people walk into your store, but in my little world, where most fish are tiny, 'Hi' or even a nod go a long way, and not even the cool girl by the 5DMk3 counter who loved my camera jewelry made up for that first impression - I would think long and hard and have to be desperate before spending any more money there...

Compare that to the treatment at Adorama, where within 5 minutes, Andy at the used counter was calling me 'Trini' and Gene was bending over backward to get deals for us on the system and it's no wonder that in a 4 day trip, I went back to Adorama 3 times and bought stuff, including my whole new camera system and accessories that I don't even need for crap I don't even use - everyone there, from Meyer who called me on the Sunday before I travelled to NY to ask about my trade-in, to Jack who offered to throw in an extra $500 on a 1DsMk3  belonging to a friend even though it was a slow seller, made Adorama feel like a home away from home, and somewhere I would happily blow all my money in in a heartbeat. One loyal customer coming right up!

So now I have a 5DMk3 and although the kit lens it comes with - the 24-105/4L is extraordinary, I find the camera itself to be just ok. Is it the noise at ISO levels Betsy would have breezed through? Or the not-quite-so-pink-people-tones of its predecessor the Mk2? I don't know. All I know is that it doesn't feel like an extension of my arm the way Betsy, or even Markie did (Scully's Mk2) - maybe it's the trickle of blood still oozing out of my credit card that's colouring my judgment, or the tabanca I still feel over Betsy and Leica. Maybe I just need to get over myself and realise it's a tool like any other...


Ok, enough self pity! Wanna see some pics from NY? Ok then:)