I know you're as excited to have me back as I am to be back:)'s a recap of what we did last term. This will help any new students catch up and is a good reminder for all of you who should know this by now! New lessons will be posted here as well since many of you don't have access to facebook - I figure you could use the school's comps to get to my site to keep up better.


All of you should have read your camera's manual by now and should be familiar with all these functions, ent?:)

Also, don't forget this list of great websites to learn photography - excellent resources!

You should remember Aperture, no? The thing that makes everything in the picture sharp or the thing that can draw attention to your subject alone, leaving the background soft and out of focus?

I KNOW you have a great idea of Shutter Speed too! How you show motion or freeze it.

And how else to capture images in a dark place than your friend ISO...

What about White Balance to help you show true colour in lighting that the camera may misunderstand?



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