In 2016, I spent part of Carnival Tuesday shooting images of masqueraders on their phones. On stage, off stage, in the stands and the streets - the disconnect between the individual and the event was astounding to me. 

And it made for an interesting mini project.

Global Voices interviewed me about it and it was also referenced and analysed here.  

-Many people have messaged me saying that the people captured could have been on their phones for a second, and while I have no doubt some of the people I shot just happened to be using their phones when I took their pictures, a large part of what I saw (many minutes around what what actually photographed) was people who were using their phones to the exclusion of who and what was around them. The people taking phone photos were included because 6 times out of 10, right after they took the picture, they bent over their phones to upload/post (I'm guessing - I wasn't looking that hard:)

I just found the whole phenomenon totally fascinating, I guess mainly in part because I'm surrounded by people who habitually use their phones in company, and the fact that it spilled over into something that you're supposed to lose yourself in was interesting.

I didn't shoot people to embarrass them, but I felt, and still do, that the cellphone phenomenon among masqueraders was worth capturing.

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