Our team brings different strengths and skill-sets in both photography and videography to bear on every job we undertake.

We each see and record in very specific ways, which makes our deliverables that much stronger.


Chad Lue Choy

Chad Lue Choy is our resident street, adventure and travel photographer. He has been travelling the world for the past 13 years, making images of interesting people and amazing destinations.

He is happiest undergoing sensory overload in a food market, racing down a single track on two wheels or exploring the bustling neighbourhoods of a new city.

A graduate of Electrical Engineering from Queen’s University. Chad worked in Electrical Manufacturing for 22 years before changing lanes to photography.

He credits his technical background for his understanding of reciprocity, the Golden ratio and f-stops.

His work has appeared in MACO magazine, The Intellectual and HSE Quarterly.

He is a passionate environmentalist and a strong supporter of Green Building to transform our built environment.


…prefers bungee jumping over skydiving

…appreciates a well-aged single malt scotch

…once jumped out of a perfectly good airplane at 12,000 feet

…cooks a mean risotto

…knows how to say hello in seven languages


Curtis Khan

Curtis prides himself in his ability to capture the peak of any expression whether it be a candid shot at an event or coaxing it out in the studio. He understands the nuances of the tilt of the head and the subtleties of the subjects’ angles to the camera to create a flattering portrait.

A former Managing Director who traded in his shirt and tie to follow his passion, he is now in the enviable position of earning his living through his passion and hobby. Curtis has photographed many Presidents, Prime Ministers, Kings  and even the Queen of England! He has  done official portraits for the last two Presidents and their spouses as well as many Boards of Directors. His stint as the personal photographer to former President George Maxwell Richards has given him an understanding of protocol and what is suitable at official engagements.

As a former cricketer with Queen’s Park Cricket Club and captain of St. Mary’s College cricket team, he understands the value of teamwork and he is equally happy as the leader or the follower.

Apart from photography and cricket, Curtis can often be found:

with a cup of coffee in his hand... he is quite partial to Ethiopian and Colombian beans;

watching Formula One Racing;

commenting on global and local economic events (being an Economist by profession);

finding ways to twist any statement with a pun;

walking around the savannah or struggling up Lady Chancellor Hill;

being a parent to his three children and a husband to his wife;

in Church;


Scott Homer

Scott is a Trinidadian multimedia professional with over 7 years in the creative industry, producing jingles, radio and television commercials, music videos and documentaries. 

Scott has worked with brands like Guardian General, Island Finance and Home & Garden Caribbean and has shot for top artistes such as Machel Montano, Major Lazer and Olatunji and is currently producing for top African dancehall artiste Lawless.