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Exhibition at Chi Studio

I'm really excited to be a part of the photography exhibition being held at Chi Studio starting July 25th and running for a month.

It's open to the public Mon-Sat and there are some really fantastic pieces being shown!

The photographers will be doing a panel discussion on August 11th and there's a curators' talk on the 25th August.

I really hope to see you there!

Artist Statement

I appreciate the overlooked and unseen and I acknowledge them in my work.

I see character and strength, dignity and grace in both a misty mountain road and a ramshackle old house.

I mourn the neglected and broken, while seeking to show the viewer their beauty. 

And I celebrate each subject as special in its own right.


Exhibition Bio

Sarita Rampersad is a commercial photographer, who currently works mainly with ad agencies and corporate clients.

An attorney by profession, she left the rigidity and constraints of law for the world of advertising, where she spent years honing her creative skills in both copywriting and AV production. During this time, she worked closely with government agencies and the Parliament of Trinidad & Tobago, allowing her to see both sides of a then controversial plan to regenerate the city. She took the opportunity to photograph areas in East Port of Spain slated for demolition and found a satisfying connection in being able to take images of places and people that were deemed disposable, and make them look dignified and worthy of consideration. This exposure heavily influenced her earlier work, which focused on showing the beauty in the gritty and stark and venturing into places to photograph, in spite of possible danger.  Today, her industrial work reflects the same - an ability to make the unadorned look polished.

She delivered meals to the homeless many times a week, allowing her to build a relationship with many of them and listen to their stories. She was able to photograph them in a way that reflected their situations. One of the earliest comments on her work then, was that she made the displaced look like kings and gave them a presence which was difficult to ignore. 

Having found a medium in photography that would allow her expressive freedom, she decided to become a full-time photographer in 2008, formalising her education with courses online, and at UWI School of Continuing Studies, under the tutelage of master Desmond Clarke. She continued to educate herself in the field, participating in a year-long commercial photography class under the guidance of Donald Giannatti from Arizona.

Sarita was also part of a team that hosted many photographic and creative workshops with internationally known instructors locally. She has been published in daily newspapers, Entrepreneur Spirit, Caribbean Beat and Discover Trinidad & Tobago magazine and one of her personal projects on the prevalence of cell phone usage among masqueraders during Carnival (Disconnected Mas), was shared by thousands and picked up by Global Voices online (

Many of her pieces hang in private collections in the UK, US and Australia.

While more varied in subject matter than before, her work continues to depict content that seems simple at first, but which reveals multiple layers upon closer inspection. 

Exhibition Handout

Please look through my full exhibition handout at the link below.

The first 7 images are on display, but all images in the brochure are available for purchase through the gallery for the month.

Ask the curator to view them in person.

Limited edition prints (10 each) are available in any size and on any medium you prefer.

At the end of each print run of 10, no more will be produced and sold.


Newspaper Coverage

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